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After 30 moves with the air force, we we have experienced a wide range of quality with moving companies . this was the best!

Aerospace Shipping Services

Specialized Aerospace Shipping - Denver / Colorado Springs

Compass Moving & Storage is highly capable when it comes to transporting your Aerospace or laboratory equipment. Moving sensitive equipment takes extra care, so we ensure all your sensitive items are treated properly. Many items may be sensitive to temperature and pressure changes so we use only the most state-of-the-art equipment to maintain precise climate conditions. The ability to maintain ideal environments within our vehicles is one of the many reasons why Compass Moving & Storage with STI is the best choice for aerospace and laboratory moving.

Aerospace Shipping Services

Compass Moving & Storage provides exceptional aerospace shipping services for telescope and aerospace component parts. We understand the delicate nature transporting fragile and highly sensitive specialized telescope mirrors. Our specialized trucks are able to maintain the proper conditions to transport mirrors that require nitrogen atmosphere to preserve their beryllium constituents.