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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 19:35

Tips on Preventing Moving Injuries

Moving is a strenuous process. In shape or not, it can take a real toll on your back. The National Institutes of Health found that eight out of ten Americans will experience back pain at some point in their lives (Source: MIT). Moving is a process that can certainly trigger back pain. Learn how to prevent back injuries from moving with these 4 tips.

Preventing Injuries Tip #1: Know Your Personal Strength

If you know that you are not a gym rat and that you cannot bench press 200 pounds, then why would moving day be any different? If the box feels too heavy, then it probably is. Stop what you are doing and get help before you have to be carried off on a gurney. Items that are larger and may require some help from professional movers or friends are large appliances, bookcases, couches, dining room tables, etc.

Preventing Injuries Tip #2: Learn Proper Lifting Techniques

Proper lifting and moving techniques are the answer to avoiding hurting yourself during the move.

  • Close and Centered - When lifting a box or heavy object ensure that you keep that item close to your body. One way of accomplishing this is to place your feet diagonally (one foot to the side of the item and one foot behind it) when lifting. This foot placement will encourage the object to be close to your body if you lift it straight up.
  • Use Your Abs - Regardless of how well your six pack reflects a beach body or an accomplished drinker, lifting with your core will take pressure off your back.
  • Legs, Legs, Legs - Legs are your friends, not your enemy, especially when lifting something heavy. To lift with your legs, bend your knees, center yourself and then lift. This old mantra will save your back.

Preventing Injuries Tip #3: Plan Your Route

Now that you know your personal strength and how to properly lift something heavy, it is time to get lifting, right? Not quite. Devise a plan first. Think about it this way, if you are lifting a bowling bowl and have nowhere to put it, you run the risk of holding on to that heavy object longer than you planned, and consequently increasing your chance of injury. In essence, know where you are going to place something before you pick it up and which route you will take to get it there.

Preventing Injuries Tip #4: Let Someone Else Do It

If your back is that bad, or you have too much to move or moving seems like a big pain then hire a professional mover. A professional mover, such as Great Plains will take the stress (physical and mental) off your plate.

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