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The Buzz On Boxes

Of course, the easiest way to get a box is just to buy them from a moving company. You can get the size and quantity you want in one shot. However, if budgeting is an issue and you need to find free boxes, here are our tips on where and how to get them.

#1 Call In Advance

Don’t just show up and hope to get boxes. Receiving departments get rid of boxes as soon as possible because they clutter their work area. Call the store ahead of time and ask if they can put some aside for you. Be sure to ask when is the best time to pick them up.

#2 Tell Them You’re Moving

No matter who you ask for boxes, make sure they know it’s for moving or you may get a pile of gift boxes or boxes with no tops.

#3 Specify General Sizes

They may not be able to accommodate your request, but sometimes it helps if you can be specific in the general size of boxes that you need. For example, telling them “I need boxes that are roughly the size of a large microwave” will give them a visual of the dimensions for which you are looking.

#4 Lamp Boxes

Grocery stores with flower departments get tall flower boxes that are perfect for lamps. Call the floral department and ask when they get their deliveries in and if you can score a few of those boxes.

#5 Produce Boxes

While you’re at the grocery store, ask for produce boxes. They’re generally more sturdy than say the paper towel boxes, and they have handles. Banana boxes are the heaviest, but be sure to request the lids be included with them.

#6 Book Boxes

Barnes & Noble has a receiving department that gets books shipments most weekdays. Because they are book boxes, they tend to be a bit more sturdy than other boxes. Call the receiving manager and ask if they would kindly put a few aside for you.

#7 Liquor Stores

Depending on the size of the store, they will get shipments in often and have lots of boxes every week. These boxes also tend to be strong since the goods shipped inside are bottles.

#8 Freecycle

Freecycle is a nonprofit website where you can find free stuff people are giving away. Go to the site, look for your geographic area and search for moving boxes.

Of course, if you need boxes quickly and don’t have time to scout around town, we sell boxes and all the packing supplies you need. Contact us. for boxes and to discuss your move

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