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Last month we began our two-part series on moving your office and covered the steps to take at least six months before your commercial move. This month we’ll finish the series with a look at what to do in the month leading up to your office relocation.

Planning Your Commercial Move

There are several things you can do before your Denver commercial move to make the process go more smoothly. Here’s our list of best practices.

Get Measurements

Go to your new office and take detailed measurements of the space before you move in. If you can plan beforehand how you will configure the space with your office furniture and equipment, you’ll save time and lower your stress on moving day.

Look For Maintenance Issues

While you’re measuring your new space, check for any maintenance issues that will keep you from getting up and running quickly. Check for light switches that don’t work, light bulbs that need to be replaced, and wall outlets that don’t have power. Turn the heat or air conditioning on and see how the air flow is. If there are tenants currently in the space, ask them how well the HVAC functions.

Design Your Office Layout

Once you have your measurements, draw a diagram of the space, or use one of the online space planners to help you visualize how your furniture and equipment will fit into the office space. Assign a color to each area and then label the boxes that will go in each of the designated areas with their assigned color. This will give the movers clarity on where to put things in your new space.

Take Pictures

Don’t assume that IT will have the time to get your computers up and running in the time frame that you will need them. Take photos of the computer wiring and other tech hook-ups and label each wire before you unplug it so you can recreate the same set up more quickly when you arrive in your new space.

Update Your Business Listings

When people search for your business, you want them to find you in your new place, so update all of your business listings as soon as possible. Be aware that when you inform Google Plus and Yahoo of your change of address, they will send you a verification code via snail mail to make sure it is legitimately the business owner making the request, and not someone else. Request the code and be on the lookout for the postcard in the mail.

Update Your Letterhead

All of your branding materials including your business cards, letterhead, website, and email signatures have to reflect your new address. Order printed items at least 6 weeks in advance of the move, and have your marketing or IT department make notes on the website that you will be moving and the new address.

By planning ahead for your commercial move in Denver, you will decrease the office’s downtime during the move and make everyone’s experience less stressful. Hiring experienced, professional movers will also save you tremendous amounts of time and stress. Contact Compass Allied Moving and Storage, for a fast, reliable Denver commercial mover.

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