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Packing Breakables

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Packing breakables can seem daunting, but with careful preparation, you can prevent your valuables from breaking during your move.

Getting the Right Materials

To protect your fragile items, start with the right packing material. Bubble wrap is very effective but tends to get pricey if you have a great number of fragile items to pack. Packing paper or repurposed newspaper is much more budget-friendly. You can buy packing paper online or go to a recycling center and pick up several pounds of newspaper. Towels and kitchen dishtowels are also very useful since you have to pack them anyway. You can kill two birds with one stone and use them to wrap your dishes in or as padding between fragile items. Towels can absorb shock and prevent scratching. Divider kits are a helpful way to secure items since items shift when in transport. Liquor stores tend to have boxes that come with dividers. Call ahead and ask your local liquor store if they will put some aside for you.

How to Pack Stackable Boxes

When you’re moving all your belongings, being able to stack your packed boxes on top of each other saves a lot of valuable floor space. However, once you’ve stacked more than two boxes on top of one another, you’re placing a lot of weight on those bottom boxes. The items inside may not be able to withstand the weight, so be sure you’re placing boxes with the heaviest items at the bottom of the pile. And of course, make your boxes more stackable by not overfilling them. All the box tabs should close flat, without any buckling. This makes it easier to stack boxes and load up the truck.

Here are the steps to packing

Step 1: The bottom of your box should be a cushion for your fragile items. This can be done with your choice of protection material.

Step 2: Heaviest items such as vases or serving dishes should be at the bottom. Wrap all items individually. Plates and bowls are less likely to break in horizontal rows versus stacked on their sides vertically. For drinking glasses, independently wrap each and place them in a box with dividers. Place extra wrap or paper in the empty space to prevent shifting that may occur while maneuvering.

Step 3: Have another layer of protection material or even a cardboard cutout in between each layer for added shock absorption.

Step 4: Repeat steps as needed without over packing your box. When it comes to packing your valuables, err on the side of over wrapping them and use more boxes. The last thing you want is a box that drops unexpectedly to shatter your valued belongings.

Step 5: The top layer of your box should be a layer of bubble wrap or packing paper to guard the valuables at the top of the box. Fold your tabs in and secure them with tape.

Step 6: Label your box in big letters, “FRAGILE.” Use arrows and “This end up,” to communicate which end of the box is the top.

You can call our team to pack and move your fragile items and trust us to handle your breakables with care.

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