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How to Safely Pack Your Computer for Moving

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Your computer probably contains your entire life in digital format. From work documents to your personal finances to precious family photos to your library of music, there isn’t much you haven’t put on your computer. So safely moving your computer is no doubt your highest priority as one little drop could mean losing all of your important files.

Proper packing is vital to keeping your computer safe during the moving process, and in our years of moving experience, we have learned the best ways to pack and move computers successfully. Here are our best practices for packing your computers.

Start with the Right Materials

Purchasing and using the right materials in your packing process will ensure that your personal computer is secure during the moving process.

  • Thick-Walled Box: Did you keep the original box? If so, it is time to pull it out of storage and use it to pack your computer. If you didn’t keep the box your computer came in, don’t worry. Just make sure you purchase a thick-walled box, like this one. A thick-walled box is specially engineered to provide extra protection for fragile items because they are built with extra cushion and thickness in mind.
  • Bubble Wrap: You will need 3-6 yards of bubble wrap per computer to have enough material for that added layer of defense. Be sure that you purchase anti-static bubble wrap (it usually comes in pink) to prevent unwanted static and sparks to your CPU.

Keep in mind that bubble wrap can be used all your electronic devices such as TVs, iPads, iPods, DVD players, and any other kind of electronic you have.

  • Avoid Packing Peanuts: Be sure to stay away from products that will produce static, such as packing peanuts. Static can cause damage to the files on your laptop. For more information on packing peanuts, visit

How to Pack Your Computer

Do you have a desktop computer with lots of cables and wiring attached to it? Before you dismantle it, take a picture so you can quickly put it back together in your new home.

After you have taken a picture, wrap and secure your wires so that they do not tangle and place them, the mouse, and keyboard in a separate box. Pack those together so that you have all your parts in one location when you unpack. Make sure to tag everything as labeling will ensure an easier unpacking process.

Now it is time to pack your computer. Wrap it with the anti-static bubble wrap and place it in the box. Stuff any empty space with packing paper. If you do not have packing paper, towels, washcloths, and sheets work well as a substitute. Then seal the box and label it as “fragile” as a reminder to anyone carrying the box to take extra precautions. You are now ready to move. Happy moving!

For more moving and packing tips, contact Denver movers, Compass Moving & Storage.

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