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How To Prepare For Your Commercial Move – Part Two

Last month we began our two-part series on moving your office and covered the steps to take at least six months before your commercial move. This month we’ll finish the series with a look at what to do in the month leading up to your office relocation.

Planning Your Commercial Move

There are several things you can do before your Denver commercial move to make the process go more smoothly. Here’s our list of best practices.

Get Measurements

Go to your new office and take detailed measurements of the space before you move in. If you can plan beforehand how you will configure the space with your office furniture and equipment, you’ll save time and lower your stress on moving day.

Look For Maintenance Issues

While you’re measuring your new space, check for any maintenance issues that will keep you from getting up and running quickly. Check for light switches that don’t work, light bulbs that need to be replaced, and wall outlets that don’t have power. Turn the heat or air conditioning on and see how the air flow is. If there are tenants currently in the space, ask them how well the HVAC functions.

Design Your Office Layout

Once you have your measurements, draw a diagram of the space, or use one of the online space planners to help you visualize how your furniture and equipment will fit into the office space. Assign a color to each area and then label the boxes that will go in each of the designated areas with their assigned color. This will give the movers clarity on where to put things in your new space.

Take Pictures

Don’t assume that IT will have the time to get your computers up and running in the time frame that you will need them. Take photos of the computer wiring and other tech hook-ups and label each wire before you unplug it so you can recreate the same set up more quickly when you arrive in your new space.

Update Your Business Listings

When people search for your business, you want them to find you in your new place, so update all of your business listings as soon as possible. Be aware that when you inform Google Plus and Yahoo of your change of address, they will send you a verification code via snail mail to make sure it is legitimately the business owner making the request, and not someone else. Request the code and be on the lookout for the postcard in the mail.

Update Your Letterhead

All of your branding materials including your business cards, letterhead, website, and email signatures have to reflect your new address. Order printed items at least 6 weeks in advance of the move, and have your marketing or IT department make notes on the website that you will be moving and the new address.

By planning ahead for your commercial move in Denver, you will decrease the office’s downtime during the move and make everyone’s experience less stressful. Hiring experienced, professional movers will also save you tremendous amounts of time and stress. Contact Compass Allied Moving and Storage, for a fast, reliable Denver commercial mover.

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    The weather is better from March through May. It’s not too hot or too cold, and it’s just right for moving all of your belongings. Or, better yet, watching someone else move all of your possessions for you. Moving in Denver when the weather is nice outside really does make a world of difference in how you feel about the whole day.


    Moving during the spring is also great because, unlike summer, the kids are still in school, so you don’t have to worry about making other arrangements for them during this busy time. When you don’t have to worry about keeping your kids occupied during what is already a stressful time, it’s one less thing to think about. Plus, moving during the spring gives your kids the entire summer to settle into their new home before the school year begins.


    Because summertime is such a popular time to move, most moving companies will have greater availability to help you with your move in the months before the busy season begins. Moving during the spring is a great time to get a head start before the hectic days of summer and before your kids go back to school.

    Looking for help planning your spring move? Get in contact with us at Compass Moving to learn more about how we can help you have a successful springtime move.

  • Moving Utilities Moving Utilities

    We all know that moving is an incredibly taxing and harried time, so tasks that don’t need to be completed immediately often get left for the last minute. Switching over utilities is usually one of those chores that is completely forgotten about until the day of your move, creating extra stress for you and your family. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Changing over utilities from your old home to your new one is easy. Here are a few tips to help you get it done sans stress.

    Plan Accordingly

    Thinking ahead is the best way to avoid any complications when dealing with your utilities. Let your utility providers know the dates of your move so that you ensure all your utilities are set up when you arrive. It’s also a good idea to figure out which utilities you’ll need immediately and which ones can wait a little longer. You can also ask and see if there are any discounts for starting service in your new home.

    Make Sure Your Accounts Are Current

    No one likes finding surprise bills, so before you move, call your utility providers and make sure your accounts are up-to-date. Pay any overdue bills or account balances to avoid paying late fees and other charges. If your new home is serviced by the same utility company and you have a back balance, it can delay or cancel your ability to turn service on in your new home. You can also ask to see if you are owed any refunds or deposits back. Make sure you write down the name of whom you spoke with in case you need to speak to that person again regarding your account.

    Forward Your New Address

    It’s important that utility companies are able to reach you, so make sure all companies have your new address on file. Updating your address will ensure that you receive invoices and updates for your current service offerings.

    Moving utilities to your new home is a breeze when you follow these tips. For more help with your Denver move, get in touch with us at Compass Moving.

  • Why Hiring Professional Movers Is the Smartest Way to Go Why Hiring Professional Movers Is the Smartest Way to Go

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    Packing and Unpacking Help

    One of the most stressful and time-consuming parts of moving is packing up everything you own. Luckily, most moving companies are happy to help you with this step of the process. You can ask your moving company for a quote on your belongings, so you know how much it will cost you ahead of time. Professional movers are also trained on how to pack fragile items like glass and china, ensuring the safety of your more delicate items. In addition to packing up your old house or apartment, many moving companies are also willing to unpack your boxes in your new home, arranging your rooms however you tell them to.


    Hiring movers means that someone besides yourself is responsible for your move. If something happens to any of your furniture or belongings, you can be sure you will be compensated for the damages. On the other hand, if your friend drops your TV, it’s uncertain if you’ll be repaid. Make sure the company you hire has a solid insurance coverage policy, so you know you’ll be protected against any accidents.


    Especially if you’re moving out-of-state, making multiple trips to get your stuff is time-consuming and may be unrealistic. Professional movers have the equipment and physical skills needed to move each load in as little time as possible. Plus, you get to save yourself the heavy lifting (and maybe that ER trip too).

    Peace of Mind

    Maybe the most important benefit from hiring movers is the peace of mind knowing your move is being handled by professionals. With years of experience, hiring a professional moving company is the least stressful and smartest way to move. Using movers ensures your move will go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

    Contact us to discuss your move.