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Friday, 15 January 2016 15:56

5 Most Valuable Items Discovered in Storage Units

The A&E show "Storage Wars" airs people hoping to find valuable items in abandoned storage units. While people featured on the show have come across junk like canned goods and plastic furniture, every once in a while someone stumbles upon something and scores big. For viewers satisfied with A&E's hauls, the History Channel collected the five most valuable items discovered in storage units.

Storage Unit Find #1: The Day Elvis Died

In 2010, a significant amount of newspapers were discovered in a storage unit from the same day that Elvis Presley passed away, August 16th, 1977. The newspapers were in great and most importantly, readable condition. They offered a flashback in time to what happened that day around the globe. The stack of papers ended up being valued at a whopping $90,0000.

Storage Unit Find #2: Frank Gutierrez Art

The storage locker in question was purchased as a gamble for $30,600 dollars. The gamble paid off handsomely because inside the unit remained a collection of Frank Gutierrez original drawings, paintings, and decorated objects. The discovery was valued by an expert to be worth almost $300,000 dollars. That's not too shabby of a payout.

Storage Unit Find #3: Pirate Treasure

It is every kid's dream to follow a pirate's map and find 800 gold doubloons. In 2011, Dan and Laura from "Storage Wars" followed their childhood dreams. The loot they found was comprised of Spanish gold from the 16th century and a box of coins that was so heavy it took three people to move it out of storage. The coins themselves were estimated to be worth over $500,000. Now that's a worthwhile treasure hunt.

Storage Unit Find #4: Comics

In a California storage unit, a near-mint condition copy of Action Comics #1 was found. The comic was later sold on for more than $2,000,000. Oddly enough, the exact same copy, owned by Nicholas Cage was reportedly stolen. It is unclear whether or not the comic was returned to its original owner.

Storage Unit Find #5: Beach Boys Memorabilia

A Florida radio station purchased a storage locker for approximately $300. In it, they found "documents and papers." This seemingly boring purchased took an exciting turn when they found out that those "documents and papers" was Beach Boys memorabilia. The radio station uncovered authentic photographs, handwritten lyric sheets, musical arrangements, contracts, and royalty checks from the band. When members of the Beach Boys found out about the discovery, they battled for eight years to reclaim ownership of the lost items. Eventually, the archive was sold at an undisclosed auction for over six million pounds.

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